Test Review Courses

We offer four different types of exam review assistance to students and teachers preparing for more than 42 different tests (many standardized). Course offerings include institution based large classes by invitation, public courses, private one-on-one instruction, and guided self-study.

  • Well-Invested Tuition

    Excellent Value

    External teams' higher tuition for less effective teachers
    Important to have well-trained experts to study and minimize repeat test taking
    Teachers' correction of previous schooling that did not prepare student adequately
    Excellent value for private tutoring, tuition only 20% more than class tuition, two orders of magnitude questions answered
    Pay-as-you-go programs, fair & accurate score improvement, reservation of only needed hours

  • Get Results for Students

    Core competency superlative, score top 1% of nation on tests and academic competitions, and teach all elements of test
    Valedictorians, Phi Beta Kappa Scholars, practicing professionals, and distinguished faculty
    Cross-disciplinary, multifactorial, complex questions, international elements, diversified faculty in education and professions
    Thorough understanding of academic progression, former and ongoing admissions committee members, resident interviewers, lab and grant directors, expansive network
    4 C's of Teacher Quality: Competent, Communicative, Compatible, and Correct

  • Level Match Instruction

    Effective Learning

    Group instruction for students with similar academic backgrounds and standing
    Private instruction for specialty top competitor exclusive students
    Instructors experts at specific testing issues
    Material adapted to student progress and performance

  • Clear and Interesting Lectures

    State-of-the-Art Technology

    Learn only what is needed well
    Lectures written dynamically customized to student understanding
    Accurate and contemporary teaching materials (e.g. MIT & Harvard OpenCourseWare)
    In-house prior official tests, generational test archives, numerous practice tests
    Prepare any site & time, and all challenges (learning disorders, visual impairment, physical disabilities, repeat test takers, and test anxiety)

Students should carefully plan their test preparation with practice diagnostic tests, program knowledge, and current matriculation expertise. School and licensing applications, test preparation courses, standardized exams, and interviews take considerable time and financial resources. It is very important to get a competitive exam score because future aspirations may depend heavily upon the exam performance. The timing and staging of exam scoring is key to using educational funds wisely.

To successfully prepare for a test you need to know the expectations of the test. If you lack training, you may need to make up for knowledge gaps in subject areas so you are prepared, listen to your advisor and do all of your homework, and use self discipline to sit down and organize your study.

You will need to find and select an excellent teacher who knows the materials and how to communicate them well. Your teacher should guide you and watch you as you make mistakes, see your weaknesses and strengths, and train you in the right techniques. Less experienced non-Atclyff teachers may read a book to you from a pre-specified curriculum that may be several years outdated. At Atclyff our teachers do not review old materials; every session is a custom review based on the prior week's work and adapted from contemporary teaching materials to help you learn efficiently. Student study materials and homework are derived from prior official tests and modified each year as the test questions change.

Our teachers help students learn the expectations of the test. We emphasize analytical reasoning and critical thinking crucial to competitive performance. After determining your level of knowledge and test taking ability, your instructor will prepare an efficient custom syllabus. Your individual learning plan helps you focus. Studies will be based upon your academic background, goals, individual challenges, and our program knowledge and matriculation expertise. We will match you with a preparatory class, review course, or one-on-one tutoring. Get prepared with ease through flexible sites, schedule, and pay-as-you-go programs. Meet with your instructor one-on-one at an Atclyff study center or at your school, campus, library, or residence. Atclyff online division provides advanced technology for live meetings and webinars with voice through VoIP or phone and interactive live white boards with one-on-one student and instructor interaction.

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1-on-1 Tutoring
Comprehensive Test Review

$ 2,400 Lower Tests
from $800 for 3 months
$ 3,600 Upper Tests
from $900 for 4 months

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Admissions/Qualifications Advisement Package
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