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Academic Goals

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Make a positive first impression on an application or interview when seeking future opportunities. Perform on your test in a way that will exceed the reviewer's expectations. Learn what we can do to help you with your academic goals. Since 2002, we have refined preparing students for their qualification exams, helping them gain admission to the programs they want or acquire professional credentialing. Our intent for educating well drove the creation of our individualized teaching approach.
Test Review and Mentoring
Pairing technological advances in courseware with content delivery through the internet to any accessible site, we broadened our spectrum of students. Through rigorous outcomes study we offer you the opportunity to change your test score, and understand your academic goals, as well as your professional aspirations. We may be different from other teaching teams because we offer custom exam review with an element of expert mentorship and guidance.
Find your way in the complex grid of educational and preparatory choices by benefiting from the Atclyff advisors.
Admissions and Qualification Application Assistance
  • Prepare with confidence and get better at taking your test.
  • Devise a sensible academic plan that works, not only in the short term, but also in the greater perspective.
  • We offer a client-focused, unbiased education advisement with a firm commitment to long-term relationships.
  • Our guidance is outcomes-based with constant monitoring and revision of our academic strategies.
  • We provide teachers with established track-records of getting results for students.
Why are students choosing Atclyff? Because they know that the choice is not about selecting the common advisor, but about studying with knowledgeable and current faculty mentors to help them with their important academic goals. We want students' exam review to be effective with services at sites from coast to coast and teachers live online for over 42 tests (standardized and other). We do not use "tips and tricks"; rather, we emphasize helping students acquire the solid foundation necessary for academic success in a short amount of time. Students come to us because their prior teachers did not prepare them enough, and we improve their test knowledge and skills. Learn more about how our teaching team was the first to transform the test preparation industry with innovation in analytics for academic outcomes. Many of our students attend the most selective schools, universities, and colleges. Our program has been designed for students who appreciate legacy. Get started by talking with our test specialists to determine the review you need to prepare well.
Custom Test Curriculum and Faculty Development
Provide your student class with the advantage of comprehensive test review to improve competitive performance in contrast to schools which do not offer test review. Our faculty can organize a customized course for your class. We also offer the alternative of training your faculty so that they can teach the course themselves, or adapt their teaching syllabus to incorporate content that will be expected on the standardized exams, thus offering a cost-effective approach to preparing students well.
Get started today. Take a free test, it is easy. Call . We've designed a custom program for you. Reach your goal.
Test Review Publishing
  • Prepare faster with academic quick test prep guides.
  • Review with proprietary material for tests.
  • Learn well with interactive lectures for test review.
From six-page quick study guides, to multiple original practice tests, Atclyff offers students a variable degree of difficulty practice exams and supplementary materials for more organized and efficient test preparation. On-demand pre-recorded lectures on test content are also available for student review.


Score Well

Tests (57K)
Understanding what is expected of you to pass and when to take the test

Get Accepted

Matriculate (37K)
Understanding requirements to advance with both quantitative and qualitative factors weighted

Invest Wisely

Afford (20K)
Understanding which education and training goals are possible and the financial planning to reach them efficiently


We provide expert faculty to teach and advise you.

Atclyff Faculty members are retained based upon their ability to achieve positive outcomes for their clients. Teacher credentials include:

  • national average top 1-5% performance on the exams they instruct
  • completion of the academic degree with a grade point average of 3.75/4.0 or better
  • teaching experience of 5 years or more
  • demonstrated professional integrity and excellence.
  • Atclyff Faculty include former and current members of the following representative institutes (select of 80): Harvard University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Yale University, Northwestern University, Princeton University, Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University, UCLA, Rice University, UC Berkeley, Vanderbilt University, ETH Zurich, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, and London School of Economics.



Mean % Success Rate of Atclyff Students 1


1Positive success rate reflects if goals set during initial consult are achieved. Rate includes improved test score, matriculation, acceptance, qualification, and multiple exam performances for broad spectrum of students. These results have been calculated from the last seven years of performance. Range was 96-100%. There is a risk of failure associated with any given instance of taking an exam. The results posted measure past performance for all students who were trained by Atclyff. These results do not guarantee that any future student studying with Atclyff will get a perfect performance because each student has unique skills and prior academic training. These results suggest that the group performs well, but individual student performance on diagnostic exams requires monitoring to give the highest likelihood of success on exam.

Seven Years Excellent Results2
2Representative student success rate
Mean Percentile Test Score Improvement:
Data sample includes average of multiple tests, e.g. test performance statistically significant increase: i.e. student's prior test score percentile of 27 and actual score percentile of 85, before and after training with Atclyff, respectively, on the 2015 exam writing(s).

Qualification Testing



Scholarships, joint-degree programs, residencies, internships, fellowships —all potential elements of academic training— should be approached with careful attention to planning and wise investing with lowered risk. Talk to us about your plans, and we'll see if we can help make them possible, and more affordable with Atclyff instruction. For example, in 2016 a senior instructor trained a high school student to score in the top 1 percentile of the nation, helping the student to be awarded a merit-based four-year, ~$200,000 university scholarship. Good results are common and a nice benefit of working with a teaching team who understands higher academia.


AcaTestEditv4 (244K)


Making intelligent decisions in your educational investing can have a direct impact on your present and future lifestyle, as well as your legacy. Discussing your questions with an Atclyff advisor gives you the value of working with an experienced, successful faculty member and avoids conflicts of interest. Success starts with the right teachers and mentors.

There may be decision making chaos in identifying the right path from a myriad of choices and determining its projected worth.


Atclyff Company Profile

Tradition, Trust, and Test ResultsTM






For 15 years, we have been following the application and acceptance schedules of students all over the United States, and some studying abroad. Our management team has an appreciation of the admissions process from serving on admissions committees, and knows directly which students achieve admissions at select programs, when, and how. There are many different paths to success, and sometimes, students and their families can provide data that can help students leverage their standing successfully. From chief executive officers and children of families with prized academic legacies, to upwardly mobile families with first generation college students, or families who cannot afford education, we have been having conversations for many years, and understand the academic progression process of different individuals. In our initial consult, we listen to what you want, the class you wantTM to get into, and we will share with you our impressions of what may be possible, based upon trajectories of students with similar resources, activities, and academic achievements.


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